Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dayhike up Table Mountain

Lovely afternoon for a winter dayhike in the foothills overlooking Boise. You can see the big white cross and various radio and cell towers from nearly everywhere in Boise. This is my first journey up here. A short but relatively steep in places, day hike takes about an hour to reach the top. We started from the Old Penitentiary. The plan was to search for GeoCaches but my iphone gps was messing up. We found one by shear luck and 'cheating' - saw someone else rummaging in the underbrush off trail; waited until they left then poked around and found it! Still have a 'real' GPS device on the wish list. The view from the top is a nice overlook on the city. Bet it would like great at twilight or even at night to see the twinkling lights.