Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows 7 Beta

Loaded up Build 7000 of Windows 7, as downloaded from Tech net. Very fast install. Loaded on both a W2k8 Hyper-V virtual machine and as a dual boot on my Lenovo tablet computer running Vista Business. the look and feel is very much Vista like with regards to the UI. Oh, the required minimum HD space is 16 GB, but the program installed fine in 14GB, the size of my secondary partition.

I must say the OS is very speedy; fast boot up time, fast program start, etc.

I joined the laptop to my work domain and then experienced some interesting quirks with the UAC - the User Access Control. It asks for the Domain Administrator account and password, not my local administrator account and password. Luckily I have it, but that would not be the case with most business users. To install certain programs I have had to log on as the domain administrator to run the setup program (for Office 2007, and Mozilla Firefox, for example). Google Chrome installed just fine; didn't even ASK for elevated privileges. I tried to 'run as administrator".. no joy. Also turned off UAC as well as confirmed that my regular account is a member of the administrators group.

Still no luck.

Oh, really love the Beta fish wallpaper with gradient blue background (water?) very pretty.

More to come!

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